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Andrew James Barista Espresso Coffee Maker

Enjoy The Taste Of Fresh Coffee At Home With This Simple Barista Machine
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  • Espresso coffee maker with steam wand
  • Two size reusable filter
  • Large 1.4L capacity tank
  • Includes cup warmer, drip tray, measuring spoon and tamper
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How To Make The Perfect Espresso At Home

The compact Andrew James Espresso Coffee Machine is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to make barista style coffees at home with ease. It can make one or two espresso shots at a time and includes a steam wand with adjustable pressure so you can heat your milk to create that velvety texture required by a Flat White, Mocha or Cafe Noisette. You can also use this as a cappuccino machine by adding foamed milk to your espresso.

Do You Need To Buy Extra Filters?

This espresso machine includes both a single and double cup stainless steel filter that can be easily cleaned by rinsing under a running tap in between uses. This means you don’t need to buy replacement paper filters or deal with cleaning a plastic one.

How Much Pressure Should You Use To Tampa The Beans?

The art of tampering is seen as a trait of a professional barista. Experts suggest 30lb of pressure, but that’s really hard to judge accurately at home. Our suggestions is don’t press too hard, but don’t press too light; at least you can enjoy drinking the results of your experimentation until you get used to how hard you should tamper your coffee.

What Sort Of Coffee Should I Use?

This espresso maker doesn’t include a grinder so you’ll need to use pre-ground coffee. Try to find one that is marked for espresso making, of if grinding at home make sure it isn’t too fine. If you like a stronger coffee go for a darker roast.

Adjustable Steam Pressure

The perfect coffee is a subjective thing so you can adjust the pressure of the steam wand on your cappuccino machine to create your perfect drink. Start with the wand touching the bottom of the jug and move the jug up and down to help create the bubbles. Don’t fill the jug too full to prevent splashes of hot liquid. Some people prefer to steam the milk once whilst others feel three bursts of steam create the best results for them.

Cleaning Your Machine

The stainless steel housing of your espresso coffee maker can be wiped down with a soft, damp cloth. The drip tray and water tank can be cleaned in warm soapy water.

You should aim to descale your machine once a month. Use a household descaling product in the water tank then follow the instructions in the product manual to complete the process.

Product Details
Product DimensionsWhole unit: L 23.2cm (including steam knob) x W 27 x H 30.5cms, Drip tray/cup area: L 20.5 x W13.7 H x 13.5cm
Product Weight3.7kg
Package DimensionsL 37.8 x W 31.8 x H 43cm
Boxed Product Weight4.6kg
Dishwasher SafeYes
BPA FreeYes
Capacity1.4 Litre capacity
Min Temperature72 °
Max Temperature86 °
Primary MaterialStainless Steel
Secondary MaterialPlastic
Wattage850 Watts
Voltage230V / 50HZ
Box Containsexpresso maker, 1 x frothing nozzle, 1 x single cup filter, 1 x double cup filter, 1 x scoop & tamper + manual
Additional informationFilter and filter holder are dishwasher safe only
Product FAQs
What’s the Difference between Steamed Milk and Frothed Milk?

Foamed milk separates into two distinct layers, one of milk and the other of a thick and frothy foam. The foam will sit on top of the milk and coffee to create that texture and taste difference in your mouth as you drink the coffee. Foamed milk creates body and thickness.

Steaming milk develops texture and flavour. It heats the sugars more evenly and breaks down the fats. As the fluid is stirred and steam it develops even air bubbles called microfoam that create a velvety, silky texture.

What is Crema?

Crema is the light coloured liquid that comes out during espresso making. As the lighter liquid infuses with the darker liquid that comes after, it filters up and settles leaving a tan coloured layer on top of the darker espresso below.

Traditionally the presence of crema in an espresso shot indicates a quality, well-ground coffee and a skilled barista. It helps give espresso a fuller flavour and longer aftertaste than drip coffee. However, not everyone agrees that a crema is necessary, further proof that the perfect espresso is a very subjective thing.

Are There Any Tips for Making the Perfect Espresso?

Use fresh coffee, as the fresher the roast the better the quality. Coffee that has been in contact with air more than 4 hours before use will be stale so make sure you keep your grind covered until you need it.

Make sure your grind isn’t too fine or too coarse, and that you apply the right amount of tamper pressure - all of this takes practice but at least you get to taste the results each time!.

Warm your coffee cups and the machine before use and finally, make sure you clean your espresso maker regularly.

Espresso Infusion Times

Espressos need an infusion time of around 25 seconds (the actual time varies with personal preference). If the pull is too short the espresso will have a low volume and an acid taste. Too long and the coffee will be bitter and the shot will contain more caffeine. At the end of the pull the foam turns brown in colour and it is this foam (crema) that contains the highest concentration of caffeine.

Espresso (30ml espresso) 

Doppio (60ml espresso) 

Risterro (22ml concentrated espresso) 

Lungo (60ml less concentrated espresso) 

Macchiato (60ml espresso + dot of foamed milk) 

Cafe Noisette (60ml espresso + 30ml steamed milk) 

Cappuccino (60ml espresso + 60ml steamed milk + 60ml foamed milk) 

Dry Cappuccino (60ml espresso + 60ml foamed milk) 

Americano (60ml espresso + 90ml hot water) 

Affogato (60ml espresso + 90ml vanilla ice cream) 

Breve (60ml espresso + 90ml half and half)

Mocha (60ml espresso + 50ml chocolate + 30ml steamed milk) 

Cafe Con Hielo (50ml espresso + ice cubes) 

Con Panna (60ml espresso + 90ml whipped cream)  Flat White (60ml espresso + 120ml steamed milk) 

Latte (60ml + 300ml steamed milk + 2ml foamed milk)

Showing our 2 Andrew James Barista Espresso Coffee Maker reviews with an average rating of Good.
Review Summary - 3 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.
November 23, 2017 | Tialauren
Barista Espresso Coffee Maker

The machine made the weakest, most disgusting coffee I have ever tasted. I have used similar machines before and compared to them the water fired through so fast it would never have had a chance to properly bring a true flavour of coffee through with it. The machine feels cheap. It was also dented so it's gone back to Andrew James and it's made of such thin metal I think it would mark very easily. They have also removed the feature with the model where the tank overflows into the drip tray which was a good feature, so I can't understand why it's been scrapped. It would have saved potential puddles on the side.
I went for a refund as I don't want another one.

November 14, 2017 | Malcolm

A replacement for a machine which died on me. The original made good coffee but started to leak. Worked straight out of the box after following simple instructions Great product.

Andrew James UK LTD